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written by Christine June 29, 2017

Hello friends! As you know, a few of my greatest passions are Beauty/Fashion and Tech. Thus, when I first received Fifth & Ninth’s Beauty Bank, I became obsessed with what the product had to offer. Surprisingly, there is more than meets the eye of this minimal compact mirror.


First of all, the compact mirror in itself is of superior quality. Upon opening the mirror, you get both a magnifying and normal mirror. The Beauty Bank also includes a USB port to charge your phone or any electronic device. Included is, of course, a cable to recharge the Beauty Bank so it’s ready for your next night out. But the functionalities didn’t stop there. Tapping an almost hidden button on the side actually illuminates the mirror so you’ll never miss a moment of prime lighting.


Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with how such a simple product can fulfill my day to day needs with its multiple functionalities. When I’m out and about at work, on the subway, during photo shoots, or traveling, having a portable charger has become an essential. With the addition of the illuminated mirror, I can ensure my makeup and hair is always on fleek! Not to mention the simple design aligns with my aesthetic, and they have several options for color including Rose Gold (which is what I have), Jet Black, Platinum, Gold, and more. If you want to purchase your very own Beauty Bank, you can receive 10% off by using the link below. Happy shopping!

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