Hello there!

I am Christine Munar, a full stack software engineer focused on creating amazing and inventive products.

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School Relevant Coursework
University of California, Berkeley Data Structures • Efficient Algorithms •
B.A. Computer Science Database Systems • UI Design & Development •
May 2018 Artificial Intelligence • + more


Languages Technologies & Software
Java • Python • JavaScript • Elasticsearch • Cassandra • Git
HTML • CSS • Swift IntelliJ • Xcode • Adobe Creative Suite



General Electric
Software Engineering Specialist

Aug 2018 – present
Bay Area, CA
• Worked on Data Management and Tag Mapping services.
• Improved matching accuracy between sensor metadata to analytics tags in tag mapping service.
• Improved scalability by 20% by developing an algorithm to handle duplicates and optimizing write to Elasticsearch.
• Participated in POC with Asset Answers to minimize their customer onboarding time from months to days.
• Key developer in achieving product’s PCI and OWASP security compliance certification.
• Collaborated with Data Science team to integrate revised ML and NLP algorithms into data ingestion tools.
Utilized: Java, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, Postman, JMeter, VisualVM, Bamboo, Burp Scanner, Checkmarx

Software Engineer Intern

Summer 2017
New York, NY
• Architected and implemented an effective permissions request controller used in all entry points for camera, audio, and photo access of LinkedIn mobile app.
• Worked on LinkedIn Video, iOS Team.
• Heavily tested the different user flows and setting permutations, resulting in a 15% increase of test coverage.
• Increased i18n test coverage, added voice over support for features, and fixed additional UI bugs.
• Highly commended by manager and mentor for fast results and strong work ethic.
Utilized: Swift, Xcode, XCUITest framework

UI Engineering Intern

Summer 2016
San Francisco, CA
• Worked on LinkedIn Learning, Web Team.
• Developed entire lifecycle of selected features–author profiles, recommended & influencer courses–from router to template, and styled to be responsive.
• Componentized common UI elements for multiple usage.
• Made app compliant to accessibility standards by implementing ARIA labeling, keyboard operability & more.
• Fixed over 90% of accessibility blockers needed for app launch, resulting in an recognition callout to the entire LinkedIn.
Utilized: Ember.js, SCSS, JavaScript, HTML

Mobile Developers of Berkeley
iOS Developer

Berkeley, CA
Spring 2016: Built a food bookmarking app using Swift and Parse. Implemented basic, social media app functionalities including photo upload, user authentication, etc. Received 90 downloads on App Store.

Fall 2016: Created 2 open source CocoaPods, ABCameraView and FirebaseUtils. FirebaseUtils – Library that treats Firebase’s tree database as a relational database (similar to Parse). CameraView – Full-screen camera with customizable buttons.

Spring 2017: Released the web application NewsNow, a news aggregator based on a ranking algorithm of recent and relevant current event articles.

UC Berkeley Financial Aid
Web Developer

Berkeley, CA
• Single-handedly designed and developed the Financial Aid Department’s Intranet site from scratch using Drupal.
• Accelerated workflow by allowing efficient access to informative content for 45 staff users.

Three Palms Media
Web Developer

Stanton, CA
• Develop and configure about 5-10 sites on a monthly basis using cPanel, phpMyAdmin, and WordPress.
• Implemented theme customization with PHP, HTML and CSS, modified plugins using JavaScript, and applied tracking links to improve SEO performance.
• Fix bugs, manage hundreds of current sites, and work closely with the CEO to formulate techniques to advance the company and boost site management.



User Interface Design & Human Computer Interaction
Teaching Assistant

Fall 2017
UC Berkeley
• Taught upper-division CS course, User Interface Design & Human Computer Interaction (CS160).
• Create lesson plans, teach weekly discussions, and facilitate lecture with professor.
• Grade group and individual class projects and give feedback on design and code.

TechStart Mentor

Oakland, CA
• Worked with Facebook program to mentor students at various Oakland high schools computer science fundamentals and college prep.

Data Structures
Lab Assistant

Spring 2016
UC Berkeley
• Facilitate lab and office hours and help students with assignments for CS Data Structures course (CS61B).



“Above & Beyond” GE Award

• Recognized for contribution to POC for Asset Answers, a key customer, by improving scale of Tag Mapping by 20%.

LinkedIn Company-Wide Recognition

• Listed as a highlighted employee for contribution to LinkedIn Learning release. Took full ownership of & resolved 90% of accessibility blockers needed for launch.